These awards are designed to identify the best places to work in hospitality by asking the people who truly know – your employees. We have built a unique survey which asks your people to tell us what characteristics make a best place to work for them, against which they mark you, their employer.

To access the survey link click here: Enter Now

and complete your company details to sign up for the survey. At this stage you'll be asked to also complete payment details.

Once you have paid to enter you will receive an email from Purple Cubed containing your unique employee survey link, which is completed anonymously. We will also send you an example email to send to your employees to encourage their participation.

You can now ask employees to complete the survey which should take about 10 minutes (it's anonymous and is treated in complete confidence).

It’s important that you communicate to your people about your entry and what they need to do to as soon as possible.

Purple Cubed will let you know how you're doing with completion rates so you can drive the process.